Black Boba Pearls

You may have noticed that the Boba in your bubble tea are black — or dark brown, depending on the brand. Why are those pearls black? And why don’t they change color after soaking in your milk tea for a while? As it turns out, there’s a pretty good reason why that is. Find out more about the story behind these small black pearls!

Why are black boba pearls black?

Black Boba pearls that is used in your favorite bubble tea are produced from the starch of cassava root . Some people may refer it as Black Tapioca Pearls.  Tapioca starch is commonly used as a thickening ingredient.

Tapioca pearl is clear and translucent in its natural form. By adding brown sugar syrup to these these tapioca Boba pearls, it enhances sweetness of the Boba pearls and also making these Boba pearls black in color.  The chewy texture and distinct black color of Boba pearls make them a popular topping for bubble milk tea and other party drinks.

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