How To Start A Vegan Food Truck Business

You are aspiring to start a vegan food business and want to embrace a full mobility option with a food truck. You can find out more on our step by step guide on how to start a Vegan food truck business so as to better prepare for it.

Start with a Vegan Food Truck Business Plan

Most new business startups fail because they don’t have a plan. Creating a detailed vegan food truck business plan is one of the most important steps in starting a vegan truck business.

You have to factor in the cost of everything from food to fuel. Once you’ve secured a loan you have to factor in the cost for food, equipment, licensing, permits, etc.

You will also have to figure out what your profit margins are going to be. Like how much food you’ll need to sell each week or month to see a profit. A business that’s unprofitable is destined to go into the red and fail. That’s why creating a profitable vegan food truck business plan is key to making a vegan food truck profitable.

Why people choose vegan food?

Vegan diets tend to be rich in nutrients and low in saturated fats. Research suggests that a vegan diet can improve heart health, protect against cancer, and also decrease the possibility of type 2 diabetes. People are also more health-conscious and are also promoting healthier ways of eating which placed emphasis on whole-grain foods, fruits, and vegetables.

Not discounting the fact that vegan cuisine can be very delicious and nutritious. This has created a demand for vegan cuisine and now many entrepreneurs are jumping on the vegan food bandwagon.

A Vegan Street Food in Los Angeles

Financing for your vegan food truck business

Most people don’t have $50,000- $175,000 just laying around the house to invest in a vegan truck business. So obviously getting financing should be one of your number one priorities. You will obviously have to make a financial plan. There are a number of options you can choose to get financing.

  • Take a business loan
  • Crowdfunding

You can get a small business loan. Or you can do crowdfunding. Which is just notifying people about your business and asking them to invest in its startup. There are a number of crowdfunding sites on the internet and many people utilize these sites to raise all the needed capital for their vegan food truck start-ups.

So crowdfunding sites are really very effective methods for getting the capital you need to start a vegan food truck. You can also borrow from friends and family. Many people use this method to at least raise a percentage of the money needed for the vegan food truck start-up.

Obtaining Insurance

Getting insured is another important step you’ll need to take for your vegan truck business. Your insurance policy will have to account for the risk you’ll be taking while working in a mobile vehicle around the fire, gas, and other hazards.

Your insurer will have to create a customized policy that takes all these things into account. And because of this, your rates may be higher-than-normal.

Although you should only be required to pay for standard auto insurance your rates may increase in relation to the risk you face while on the job.

Cost Of A Vegan Food Truck

Opening up a vegan food truck is an expensive investment. Buying a brand new truck can set you back anywhere from $100,000 to $175,000. And that’s just for the cost of the truck.

Purchasing a used truck can set you back anywhere from $50,000 to $100,000. And when purchasing a used truck you have to also factor in the cost of repairs in the event there are damages to the kitchen area, etc.

Engine and body repairs are also a possibility and those can go as high as $50,000. So considering the business cost is important before you decide to open a vegan food truck. Business-cost can actually make or break you before you even get started.

Getting Business License and Permits

Before you begin operating any business including a vegan food truck you’ll need the proper licensing and permits But if you’re planning on opening up a vegan food truck you will need state Licensing.

Each state’s requirements are different so you have to do your due diligence and find out what specific state requirements apply to your vegan food truck business.

It’s almost a given that you’ll need local licenses to start a vegan food truck business. And requirements vary based on your location. You will need to find out what your sates requirements are, based on your location.

Below Are Some Of The Permits You May Need to start a Vegan Food Truck business:

  • A Zoning Permit
  • A Health Permit
  • A Business License And Tax Permit
  • An Alarm Permit
  • A Signage Permit

Tax Registration.

Because you are a food truck owner you will probably need an employee identification number commonly referred to as an EIN.

You may also need to register for specific state-required tax specific numbers. You can find out what you’ll be required to have as the owner of a vegan food truck by searching for vegan food truck tax requirements in your specific state.

How to choose the right location for the vegan food truck business

Choosing the right vegan food truck location for your food truck is very important also. You want to focus on high-traffic areas. Areas where there are many people going back and forth. Positioning yourself right in the middle of that back and forth traffic probably would be a good idea.

When people are on lunch breaks, for instance, they want to be sure they can count on you. So they want you to be in an area where you’ll be accessible whenever they need you.

They want to know that you’re reliable. So setting a schedule so you’ll be open and available when the traffic is available would be essential to your success. If you’re open and available when customers are ready to eat that’s going to go a long way in ensuring, you’re successful in your vegan truck business. Vegan food truck location is just as important to ensuring your success.

Operating a Vegan Food Truck Business From State To State.

Food trucks do move from City to City selling their delicious food items. So they’re not typically stationary. But those who are selling food from City to City have to also be mindful to get the proper licensing and permits for different cities and states.

After all, you can’t just pop up and then start doing business in a different state without having the proper licensing to do business in that state because you could find yourself in a whole lot of legal trouble if you did.

So although selling food from state to state is certainly an option you have to also be sure to get the proper licensing to do so. And moving from state-to-state can be a little tricky. For example, if you’re doing business as a DBA you can just go to another state and register by filing a DBA in a different state and then just start doing business.

Why Some Vegan Food Truck Fail

Unfortunately even when taking all the necessary steps to ensure your vegan food truck business is successful some, unfortunately, do actually fail.

As with most businesses vegan food trucks fail without a detailed plan to ensure success. Vegan food truck businesses fail like most other businesses when they don’t have a vegan truck business plan. A vegan food truck business plan is essential to your success.

A food truck is a business just like every other business. And you need to have a viable detailed business plan in place for the food truck to succeed.

You can find yourself getting caught up in planning menu details, for example, but every aspect of your business will need thorough consideration to ensure you’re its success. Some of the popular vegan menu for food truck includes vegan-friendly boba tea, burger and wrap. This convenience will allow your food truck be the preferred choice when people are look for something to eat or quench their thirst.

You must have a detailed layout of branding plans, industry research into specific areas, marketing, cost, etc. Without this, any vegan food truck will eventually fail.

You must also be compliant with the ever-changing health department standards that if not followed can cause serious problems for your business also.

Visualizing and anticipating worst-case scenarios should also be something that you should be doing. This will help you be prepared when the unexpected happens. All business costs must be taken into consideration.

One of the most common reasons food trucks fail is because of expenses. Underestimating the cost of running the vegan truck business and overlooking certain expenses can lead to your vegan food truck failure.

Be mentally prepared for your business

Being truly ready to embark on a journey like this is just as important as every other detail outlined in this article. If you were hoping this kind of business was going to give you the type of freedom that you want and desire then the vegan truck business or restaurant business is probably not for you. These types of businesses require focus, commitment, and long hours.

You can expect to be rising up as early as 6 am in the morning and not closing up shop until about 10 pm or 11 pm at night. You also have to be good with people.

You really have to be a people person in this type of business. Because you’ll come in contact with all types of different personalities that will most certainly test your patience.

This type of business is a constant day-to-day hustle with very little time for yourself.

Enabling Mobile Payment for the vegan menu

Although many customers are accustomed to paying with cash the day of mobile apps and paying using your mobile phone has arrived. Many customers, for example, like to order ahead by calling in and placing their orders and they normally use cell phones to do that.

This has become extremely popular with the advent of companies like Uber Eats, Doordash, GrubHub, etc. And many of those companies are using (POS) Point Of Sale systems like touch bistro, vend, and lightspeed, etc, for example, to process these types of payments.

It’s catching steam and has become very popular because it’s a quick and easy way to pay and can generate substantial income for your business.

How Much Can You Expect To Earn Annually With A Vegan Food Truck Business?

The benefits of running a vegan truck business are that it can be very lucrative once you get it going. There are some food truck businesses making as much as $300,000 a year. A lot of have to depend on the location footfall, price, and cost to operate.

And if you are the primary employee meaning that you are running the vegan truck business solely by yourself, and even if you had just one or two additional employees who you paid maybe $11 an hour the food truck could still translate into a very substantial income.


With all this calculated risk, ask yourself if you still want to pursue the vegan food truck business. Whatever business you decide to start, making sure you thoroughly plan ahead is key to your success. The vegan food truck business is no different in this regard.

You must thoroughly plan ahead while considering the most minute details. Know what you want, plan ahead, and be prepared for whatever this kind of business may throw at you.

This will determine your success or failure. Don’t expect that it’s going to be all smooth sailing. There will be bumps in the road. And you may have to weather certain situations that you hadn’t expected.

That’s why it’s important to visualize worst-case scenarios in your mind before they happen. And it’s best to overestimate costs associated with a business startup and running the business as opposed to underestimating costs.

This will help prepare you when the unexpected does happen. If you take into consideration all the steps outlined in this article no matter what business you plan on starting your chances of success will be greatly increased.

And don’t be afraid to get started, most businesses fail before they even start because no action is taken. As long as you plan ahead and follow all the necessary and crucial details outlined the chances of being successful with your vegan truck business or any business for that matter will be in your favor. And prevent vegan food truck businesses fail.

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