Introduction to Franchise: The complete guide on franchise

what is franchise business and checklist before you start

When did the concept of Franchising originate?

History of franchising started as a concept in ancient times. Feudal lords launched the method of offering to others the rights to accumulate tax obligations and also run markets on their part. However, this makes franchising more akin to a political ruling role instead of that by a corporate organisation.
One of the earliest example of using franchising via the sale of consumer goods to housewives in America, 1851. Isaac Singer created the very first American product Singer® franchisor. He marketed to independent salespersons the rights to sell his sewing devices to end-users.
During the mid-nineteenth-century, beer brewers also establish agreements with pub proprietors to offer their beer solely in the pubs in Germany.

Pros of Franchising your business

Franchising brings many benefits to business owners who are looking to grow their business

  1. Reduced Capital Requirement
  2. Keeping a lean Staff count
  3. Ease of Scalability
  4. Increase Profits
  5. Brand Awareness result from growth

Cons of Franchising your business

  1. High initial start-up cost that includes trademark and branding
  2. Lesser control over the franchisee
  3. Smaller revenue from each franchisee

Some of the popular franchise in different industries

Let us take a look at some of the franchises in different industries.

Food and Beverage Industry Franchise

  1. McDonald’s
  2. 7-Eleven
  3. Dominoes Pizza
  4. Taco Bell

Education Industry Franchise

  1. Kumon Method Learning
  2. Sylvan Learning Center

Healthcare Industry

  1. GNC
  2. Miracle-Ear
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