7 Eleven at a night market

Franchise model: Taiwan’s 7-Eleven Appeal

Walking along streets of Taiwan, every other street is another franchised convenient shop. There are currently 5,505 7-ELEVEN Stores in Taiwan. (accurate as of June 2019) . So what is the appeal? The convenience and its wide range of product it offers.

7 – Eleven Products and offerings

  • Need a coffee but can’t find STARBUCKS, there is City Cafe
  • Redeem your High Speed Rail Ticket purchased online
  • Bills
  • Food
  • Products from Muji

Franchise Model

Key considerations when you want to open a 7-Eleven outlet

  • Shop rental
  • Renovation Fee
  • Staff salary
  • Management expenses
  • Miscellaneous Cost like: stationery, post and electricity, water, gas, electricity, freight, loss of items, faulty products, short of cash, packaging, invoice costs (including invoice, collection paper roll, i-bon paper roll, etc.), rent, cleaning management fee (including building management fee), POS maintenance fee and warranty fee, handling fee, equipment repair and warranty fee, Repair costs, stored value card loss (profit), general insurance, communications and circuit costs.

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